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Louis XIV Louis XIV was the Bourbon King of France from 1661-1715, he was a strong leader, but also a very strange one. Since his youth he had always felt the need to be flattered and to posses nice commodities, he was often hard to relate to and his mentors found it challenging to instruct him. Even as an adult he enjoyed being complimented and could often be bribed by flattery. He was also a very strict leader when it came to being acknowledged. For example, he would have his nobles bow down to his food as it was brought up to him to be served. Louis was also known to be very nosy, he always wanted to know every single secret in every household, which was why he had a large amount of spies and tale bearers in his kingdom. This Kingdom, designed especially for Louis, was known as Versailles. It was half a mile long and in all the buildings had 700 rooms and could hold up to 10,000. The garden had a grand canal passing through which was a mile long and it total had 1400 fountains. The water pressure at Versailles wasn’t good enough to power all the fountains so Louis hired a noble just to turn on the fountains as he walked by so to him, they were always flowing. This is an example of how Louis so strictly controlled his nobles, many called Versailles a “gilded cage,” because of how the nobles were so enclosed in such a beautiful place. Many of the taxes from the commoners went directly to the construction and well-keeping of versailles, this obviously upset the citizens in the town. Despite Louis’ strange requests and poor control of the economy, he was an excellent war strategist. Much of the other money he gained from the citizens he used to design weapons and create an unstoppable army. By the end, the numbers in his army sky-rocketed from 180,000 troops, to 450,000, proving that Louis XIV was a very successful war leader. For this, many could argue that he was

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