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Nathaniel Mccrickard 10-28-12 1st period Louis xiv essay “Historians consider the region of Louis xiv to be the best example of absolute monarchy in the 17th century”. An absolute monarchy is not limited or restrained by laws or a constitution. Louis set his own laws and made France the most powerful nation in Europe. Louis centralized all justice, took control of whatever he wanted, and increased the wealth and power of France by following the ideas of mercantilism. He then became an absolute monarchy in the 17th century. King Louis centralized all justice by establishing the royal court at Versailles. It served as king Louis household. The chief offices were located there so Louis could watch over them. It was also were powerful subjects come to find favors and offices for themselves. Louis removed the nobles and royal princes because they thought they should play a role in the government of France and it was a great threat to Louis. Louis took control over whatever he wanted because no one could stop him. Louis let the nobles gambled because it keep them busy and out of politics. The more the nobles stayed out of politics the more power Louis had over France. Louis government ministers were expected to obey his every wish. It gave him complete power over the traditional areas of royal power: foreign policy, the church, and taxes. King Louis followed the ideas of mercantilism to increase the wealth and power of France. To improve communication and the transportation of France, he built roads and canals. Colbert, Louis controller-general of finances, raised tariffs on foreign goods and created a merchant marine to carry French goods. Louis waged four wars between 1667 and 1713 to achieve the military glory benefiting the sun king. Through his wars, Louis added some territory to France's

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