Louis XIV Essay

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Louis XIV of France was the longest ruling monarch in European History and virtually dominated the second half of the 17th century. He truly believed that God put kings as rulers on this earth, giving them almost a divine status, and the privilege to have control over their kingdom. Louis XIV declared his goal was to unite France under “one king, one law, [and] one faith”. Much of what he did went towards achieving this goal and establishing an absolute monarchy where he was the king, he made the laws, and he declared the faith. The domestication of the nobility was one of the most successful and revolutionary ways that Louis XIV asserted his dominance. He had a deep distrust for the nobility, and extremely cautious about any uprisings, he made sure to diligently keep himself informed of everything going on in his country. He required his court to live in his castle in Versailles for part of the year in order to keep a watchful eye on them, opening their letters and spying on them, making sure no one got to powerful. He firmly believed that the only way to prevent and control anarchy is through absolute monarchy. Previously the nobility of France held much of the countries power an ancient right to advise the King and have a say in matters of government. Louis XIV, believing that he alone should hold all of the power, did everything he could to undermine the nobility and subject them to him. Not once during his long reign did he call a meeting for the Estates General even when a financial crisis demanded it, and the nobility had no way to advise the king directly. He successfully separated power from wealth and status allowing the nobility to happily revel in their riches while he took many of their privileges. Louis XIV appointed new puppet councilors of state from the upper and middle class, but made clear that these bourgeois officials served him alone and did

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