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Louis XIV came at a time when France was ripe for a strong ruler. The nation was rich in people and resources. Other empires were in their decline. The French rulers before him had set the stage for centralization. France had largely stayed out of religious conflict, and thus felt no major impact of years of fighting. Louis was best known for his absolutist rule, which led to an increase in French land; France’s centralizing under a strong ruler, and France taking its seat as the Western World, following Rome and Athens before it. Louis XIV, nicknamed “The Sun King” was born on September 5th, 1638 to Louis XIII and Anne of Austria. Louis XIV was regarded as a gift from god, since his mother had experienced 4 stillbirths prior to him. This kept him well regarded by his parents and noblemen. Growing up, Louis XIV’s main hobbies were painting, dance, and ruling. When Louis was 18, he went to a masque, where his costume was the sun. He liked the look so much that he adopted the sun as his emblem, and gained the nickname “The Sun King.” Ruling was a hobby of his because he took the throne at age 5, and thus his kingdom was a large part of his childhood. (“Looking Into the Sun King: Louis XIV - For Dummies.") Under his leadership, French territory expanded eastward. France gained frontier towns in Flanders as a result of the War of Devolution. France also gained the Franche-Comte, a prosperous growing region, after the Anglo-Dutch War. ("The Wars of Louis XIV.") Louis XIV was regarded as an absolutist, aggressive ruler that sought to rule all of Europe under the French crown and institute universal monarchy. One of the biggest challenges Louis XIV faced personally was his love of polygamous relationships conflicting with his Catholic faith. Louis XIV was a very polygamous man, having many mistresses and thus many illegitimate children. His first love was Maria Mancini,

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