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Louis XIV: The Sun King Louis Xiv was one of four leaders,{along withCharles V, Napoleon, and Adolf Hitler} who had an opportunity to establish their hegemony over much of Europe in the time period after 1500 A.D. Although Louis Xiv failed in his attempt to dominate Europe politically, it was during this time span that Europe was very strongly influenced by culture and civilization. Louis XIV is a paradigm of European monarchs. He was known as Louis the Great, The Grand Monarch, and The Sun King. He reigned as king from 1643 til 1715. He was actually in power from 1661 til 1715. His legacy is somewhat unusual. Some historians believe that Louis' wars and heavy taxation policies led eventually to the outbreak of the French Revolution. He often tried to move France's Eastern boundary to the Rhine River. Louis' father was Louis XIII and his mother was Anne of Austria. There is some dispute as to who actually fathered Louis XIV because his father was mentally unstableAnd didn't like Anne of Austria. Louis was born on September 5, 1638. By all acounts Louis' childhood was not very happy. He was reared primarily by servants. At one point Louis almost dromned in apond because know one was watching him. His father died on May 14,1643, when Louis was 4 and 1/2 years old. The regent who ruled France during the youth of Louis was Cardinal Mazarin from Italy. Mazarin's poicies were clever, and complex and successful. The turning point in Louis' life came on March 9, 1661, when Mazarin died. For 37 years France had been governed in fact, not by kings but by the powerful ministers, Richelieu and Mazarin. It was expected that Louis would follow this system and appoint another minister to rule in his name. But Louis had different ideas: He believed that he was entitled to dictate law and order to France. The source of his power was God. Louis was entitled to be

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