Louis Riel - Hero

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Louis Riel is a glorious Canadian due to the documents he wrote which promoted equality and active participation in society for Metis and First Nations. For instance, in 1869 Riel wrote the List of Rights for First Nations. This document emphasized equality and rights for First Nations. This included equal rights for First Nations to participate in society, such as the right to vote, claim land, and maintain language and culture. In this list, Riel truly fought for all First Nations and Metis to be considered equals within society. Even though this List of Rights was exploited by the Canadian government, Riel persisted on. In 1885, he wrote the Bill of Rights. This document also gave equal rights to all First Nations and Metis. It also fought for First Nations and Metis to have the same standard of living as Canadian Europeans. Louis Riel truly shines in both these documents in his attempt to ensure equal rights and living conditions for all First Nations and Metis. As well as in his documents, Louis Riel heroically fought for Metis rights in two rebellions against the Canadian government. In 1869, Riel led the Red River Rebellion. Prior to this rebellion, Metis were being taken advantage off, losing their land to Canadian Europeans and losing their children to Residential Schools. Riel and the rebellion attempted to protect this land as well as the First Nation culture. Riel was so dedicated to the cause that he created a provisional government to try to negotiate with the Canadian government. Furthermore, Riel also led the Northwest Rebellion in 1885. When the Canadian Pacific Railway was under construction, funding was taking from the Indian Budget. This lead to many treaties not being upheld, leaving many Metis left in starvation. Riel once again fought for Metis rights, demanding the Canadian government uphold these treaties and feed the
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