Louis David Riel Report

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Louis David Riel Louis Riel was born at the Red River Colony on October 22, 1844. He was hung for treason on November 16, 1885 in Regina. Louis Riel was a Canadian politician and leader of the Métis people. He led two resistance movements against the Canadian government. During Red River Rebellion of 1869-1870, Riel established a provisional government to negotiate the terms under which the province of Manitoba entered the Canadian Confederation. Thomas Scott was executed to show the Canadian government that the Métis must be taken seriously. Louis Riel was forced into exile and ran to the United States. Louis Riel lived in Montana and became a trader and interpreter. He got married in 1881 to Marguerite Monet dit Bellehumeur. They had three children Jean-Louis, Marie-Angelique, and a boy who was born and died less than one month before Riel was hanged. Gabriel Dumount, Morse Ouelette, James Isbister, and Michael Dumas went to get Louis Riel’s help for the problems that were arising back in Canada. Louis Riel returned to Canada in June 1884 to lead the North-West Rebellion. This resistance escalated into military confrontation. Louis Riel was arrested and executed on a charge of high treason. Louis Riel’s execution had an effect on relations between the French and the English people of Canada. Louis Riel can be seen as the Father of Confederation or a traitor. While a fugitive, he was elected three times to the Canadian House of Commons, although he never assumed his seat. Louis Riel’s execution was widely opposed in Quebec, and to this day he is one of the most controversial figures in political history.
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