Louis Braille Essay

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Louis Braille’s Creation of Reading and Writing for the Blind Louis Braille is very much a hero in my eyes and to millions of other peoples eyes too. He was a brilliant young man and struggled but achieved so much in a short period of time. Blinded at the age of three Louis inspired many people by his talent, his schooling success, his invention and even the recognition he received after death. Not only did Louis Braille impact American society but he impacted world wide society. Louis Braille‘s acts of courage and determination have been an inspiration to future generations and people all over the world.. Blinded at the young age of three, Louis was stabbed in the eye by a awl that was in his fathers workshop. According to Margaret Davidson, author of Louis Braille The Boy Who Invented Books for the Blind, He moved closer and closer to the bench. And there right in the middle of it was a long piece of leather. Next to the leather was an awl-a long, pointed tool for punching holes. Louis knew he shouldn’t. But he did it anyway. He picked up the awl and began to dig it into the leather. The leather was slippery. And so was the awl. Suddenly the awl skidded (Davidson 8-9). This shows that Louis was a very adventurous boy as a child. It‘s amazing how something like this could happen so suddenly. Due to the fact Louis was blind he was unable to read, write, or see anything going on around him. That is why Louis was determined to find a way to read and see the world around him. At first Louis was able to see but as time went by he started to see less and less. When the infection spread to the other eye, he lost sight all together. Sometimes Louis could tell he was going to bump into something like a wall, a fence, a door, without using his cane at all. He did it by singing a tune “when I sing I can see my way much better” (Davidson 13). Being blind and unable to see
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