Louis Armstrong: Greatest Jazz Player Ever

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Spencer Wright Period 5 February 22nd, 2010 Louis Armstrong: The Greatest Jazz Trumpet Player that Ever Lived The Harlem Renaissance was a time of change in America. Among the Harlem Renaissance were many men and woman that helped changed America. Among the members of the Harlem Renaissance, and probably the best of them all, was Louis Armstrong. Trumpet player, and jazz singer he was, and is, an American icon. His music still affects the world today. Born on August 4th, 1901 in New Orleans Louisiana, he was born to William and Mayann Armstrong. His father had several various jobs, and his mother was a prostitute. This often forced him to sing with small children for money and dig through trash cans for food. He also had to support his family and sell coal making it to where he had no real education. He had stay with his grandparents; it was the only place available. Shortly after this his mother took him back and went down to Storyville where he learned to eventually play the cornet. As a teen he had his mind set on music. He often played with random bands at bars, parades, and funerals. One night, while playing a cornet at a bar, he came across Joe “king” Oliver. A very famous jazz player at that time, Oliver asked him if he would like to join his band. Louis accepted this offer with open arms. Oliver became an important person in Louis’s life as a teacher, mentor, and somewhat like the father he never had. This is where he got his musical education. In 1919 Joe left for Chicago, Louis took his spot in the “kid Ory “band as the lead cornetist. That same year he dropped them for a river band. Where he perfected his ability to read and notate music. Armstrong's self-effacing nickname, "Satchmo," came about during a meeting with a British musical magazine editor, who had wanted to properly greet the gentleman, having heard that Armstrong was called by a

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