Louis Armstrong Essay

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So Black! Jazz is a melody that is notoriously impossible to define. Throughout history it has been attached to the African American people where it is widely accepted as the “pinnacle of African American music” and is known to have placed New Orleans on the musical map. It is very unique as it is “distinguished by the originality of its improvisation, the virtuosity and erudition of its performers and composers, and its professionalism and artistry” . It is a music that is not merely for listening, but a vital part of the experience is the swaying and the dancing that takes over one’s body. Moreover, Jazz has provided the vocabulary needed for people throughout history to express themselves at various times, especially so during the…show more content…
The song “What Did I Do To Be So Black And Blue” is not only a great tune to listen to but is also considered to be an essential part of the Blacks’ culture and struggle; it is a mode of expression, a life. His voice singing this song is slightly vulnerable where one can hear and feel the anger—the frustration, the way he plays the trumpet elevates the soul and takes you to a whole different world, and most importantly are the lyrics, they are of unmatched strength that it is astonishing how just a few very simple words are to convey such a message

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