Louis Armstrong: A Successful Life

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Louis Armstrong a Successful Life. Louis Armstrong was born August 4th, 1901 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The legendary Jazz trumpeter was a man born into a world of much neglect and racial tension. Armstrong’s life was a road that led to his passion for music, his struggles in the music world and life in general and the people that helped him become the man we all have come to know. Through my own personal upbringing I am able to connect to Louis Armstrong because of the struggles he underwent. Louis Armstrong was born into a dysfunctional family. Armstrong had a Father he barely knew and a mother that became a prostitute shortly after being abandoned by her husband. A young Louis Armstrong use to sneek into a Honky-tonk place to try and…show more content…
Louis Performed this at a place called “Pete lala’”s. It’s said that this song was inspired by the death of a woman named Kate Townsend. “… Why don’t you keep off Katie’s Head? ...Why don’t You keep out of Katie’s bed? ... It’s a shame to say this very day … She’s like a child at play… It’s a shame how you’re lyin’ on her head… I thought sure you would kill her dead… Why don’t you be a nice boy, and take my advice… Keep off Katie’s head… I mean… Get out of Katie’s bed.” (pg,128) After Louis played this song he experienced a sense of euphoria. Although the song wasn’t accepted by a polite Society, but at Pete lala’s, Louis got to play his song and dance on a daily basis. At some point in Louis’s life he found a woman that he would come to marry, this woman’s name was Daisy Parker. Her “profession” was giving men pleasure. Eventually she came to make Louis a frequent customer. After marrying Mrs. Daisy he eventually realized he made a mistake and took to the arms of another woman. Sadly this led to problems in his marriage. One night Louis found her hovering over him with a knife in hand. Their fights got so violent that he went to jail on many occasions, so many that he just couldn’t keep track of how many times he has been in jail. By the age of 18 he had called his marriage quits, and he had been turning…show more content…
At some point he appeared as the “Zulu king” at a Mardi Gras event. Although something shocking that he adopted was ''When It's Sleepy Time Down South” as his main theme song to appease white people. Eventually young black musicians would see Louis Armstrong as someone that should just be forgotten for trying to kiss every white mans feet. One thing he did that really seemed to strike a nerve was when Louis publicly denounced President Eisenhower for his racist policies. Although Louis never tried to come off as Racist, his critics just continued to assume that he abandoned his black brethren for the lifestyles of a white man. Louis Armstrong came through all these negative thoughts about him and he was even acknowledged by Martin Luther King Jr. for contributing Love in everything he did. Louis seemed to regain his standings with people. It was evident in 1964 when he released “hello dolly”. Louis Armstrong Died in 1971 and his home in Corona, Queens has been turned into a museum of sorts. I’ve had the privilege to personally go visit his home and when I entered I felt a warm welcoming feeling. It especially helped that I was listening to some of his music on my IPod. I learned that Louis Armstrong smoked marijuana daily for almost 40 years. Louis was quoted saying “it makes you forget all the bad things that happen to a Negro''. It seems that Whatever Louis did, anyone can see what type of person he

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