Lou Gerstner Manages Diversity Essay

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What is the professional background of Lou Gerstner? It there any personal information or experience that led to his passion for managing diversity? Louis Gerstner was born in Mineola, Long Island. He graduated magna cum laude from Dartmouth in 1963 with a degree in engineering. He went to Harvard Business School and received his M.B.A. in 1965. Mr. Gerstner has received a number of honorary doctorates from a number of U.S. universities. He married Elizabeth Robbins Link in 1968. The couple lives in Connecticut. They have two grown children, a son and daughter. Gerstner is a devout Catholic with a strong sense of social justice. He has always been serious, driven, highly motivated and disciplined. Gerstner began his career at the management consulting firm of McKinsey and Co., Inc. after graduating from Harvard. He was with McKinsey for 13 years. He was the youngest MBA McKinsey ever hired, the youngest person to be appointed partner and then director. He was assigned to work with McKinsey’s partner in charge of the firm’s American Express Company (AMEX) account. His job was to advise James D. Robinson who was newly appointed head of American ExpressTravel Related Services. Gerstner became a close, trusted confidant to Robinson. So, it made perfect sense for Robinson to hire Lou Gerstner to revive the fledgling TRS business once Robinson took over as chairman and CEO of American Express. In 1978, Gerstner left McKinsey to join AMEX and head the charge card division as an executive vice president. During his ten years with AMEX, he became president of the parent company and chairman and CEO of American Express Travel Related Service Company. During his tenure at AMEX membership increased from 8.6 million to 30.7 million. Gerstner left American Express to take over as CEO of RJR Nabisco. Gerstner was hired by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. to

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