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Alternative Fuels and Lotus Rental Car Company Alternative Fuels and Lotus Rental Car Company Lotus Car Rental in Athens is already considered as one of the most reliable car rental companies in Greece. Lotus Car Rental in Greece provides customers with a variety of cars of all types, meeting all their customer needs. Lotus provides cars with engine power from 600 cc to 3700cc, including multipurpose vehicles (MPV), jeeps, minibuses (8-9 seats) as well as luxury cars for formal occasions. Lotus in Europe rents cars from the Hyundai, to the Jeep to the Mercedes-Benz ("Lotus Car Rental", 2013). The Lotus Rental Car, CFO expanded his company to the United States through Enterprise Rental-Car-Exotic Car Collection in Las Vegas, NV ("Exotic Car Collection", 2013). The CFO is exploring going “Green” under the Enterprise Main Corporation using hybrids and alternative fuel to provide its customers with luxurious environmental friendly vehicles ("Enterprise", 2011). Creating a fleet of alternative fuel vehicles for Lotus Rental Cars would be an astute business decision. There is a strong movement towards using alternative fuels for many reasons. Consumers are interested in protecting the environment, and saving money. More and more car manufactures are providing vehicles that use alternative fuels to supply these patrons. This rapidly evolving market place is gaining momentum. It would be a shrewd business decision for Lotus to lead this market by providing this service to the consumer. In order to tap this market, the CFO concentrated on the following; * Hybrid Vehicles * Alternative fuels sources? (Biodiesel, E85, Electric, Hydrogen, CNG, etc.) * Fuel cost * Customer assessment and satisfaction with Lotus “green” strategy Enterprise is one of the leaders in focusing on innovative technology and sustainable solutions for clean fuel for

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