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When people hear the word “lottery” most of the time the first thing they think of is money. After reading the “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson, the first thing I think of is death. It was told in a small town which in my mind made it more realistic to the reader. The short story shows different emotions and has multiple themes that each reader might see their own way depending on their outlook on the subject of death. The small town that the story took place in only had around three hundred people. They are a farming community with a very different way of thinking. They believe that a human sacrifice must be given so that the crops will grow. This is an old fashioned way of thinking, and when I say old fashioned I mean ancient. They call it the “the lottery”. Every year on June 27th, each family name is put into a hat. Mr. Summers, a jovial business man with a wife but no children, pulls a name out and reads it to the community in attendance. This year the Hutchinson family was chosen. After the family is chosen, each member of the family has their first name in the in the hat and that is chosen. This year Tessie was chosen. In years past, she never complained or anything about the ritual but after she was chosen she pleaded and complained about how wrong it is and how immoral the ritual is. In my mind this is depicting how society believes in one thing that may be wrong, until it happens to them. It should be considered wrong no matter who it happens

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