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Irving Beauregard Eng. 99 The lottery There are several types of the lottery. Also there are the facts about the lottery in which we will barley ever win. The statics of the lottery are like one in a million to win anything big. The lottery has the upper-hand on the people who play the lottery .It can be good to some people as well. This is why we can say that the lottery can be good or it can be bad to us. All over the world there are several types of lottery. There is scratch off tickets, quick pick, pick 3, pick 4, take 5, and of course the mega millions. I am sure that they are different in other states as far as how the states set it up. The chances on winning the lottery are very slim. Scratch off tickets the ratio is like 1 in every 7 is a winner. All of the pick lotteries are much harder to win because of the amount of numbers you have to pick from. The numbers can range from 1 to 56 in which your chances of winning are slim pickings. The number combinations can be ridiculous to try and put together. And if you won well let’s just say it was pure luck. I say the lottery has the upper-hand on people because the way people bet on the lottery. Sometimes you would think that they depend on the lottery. There are people who spend at least one hundred dollars a day on the lottery. And then there are some people who will spend there last dollar to play the lottery. When people are playing there numbers the numbers usually mean something to them. Such as their birthday kids birthday and so on .the numbers they play are like superstitions. They have strong beliefs on these numbers because they mean something to them. There are some cases were the lottery has been good to people. The people who win are the ones who it has treated well. When playing the lottery people come up with their own straits. And in some cases it works for them. when people win

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