Lost in Translation Viewing Essay

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###### Film Mise en Scene 1. Lost in Translation 2. Subject-Lost in Translation is about Setting-Tokyo Japan, Composition- A commonly used style in this film is the very long shots which often take place from the perspective of looking from behind Benjamin. Many of the shots are very up close compared to most shots in other films. Many realizations that come to the characters are not due to any words but rather, from the visuals. Example: When Elaine looks behind her, sees her mom, and realizes what has been going on between her and Benjamin. The angles of the cameras are thought out with much purpose. 3. Yes, if the director had not set up the scenes and characters the way he had, then all of the character relationships and emotional chemistry would be completely distorted. Specific objects and lighting will set the tone for a scene or shot. The director is responsible for making sure that the audience understands all that is to be understood. The director is the one who is largely responsible for turning a script and an actor into the art that is captured on the screen. The subject is what the story is about but does not necessarily contain all of the visuals that are required for a film to be complete. It’s relationship with the setting must match it’s tone and factually match the subject. The composition is not as related to the other two as they are to each other but, It is just as important that the style is what I would say “on beat” with the rest of the film but, it has a lot of room for expression and
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