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Reading The book Lost in the City by Edward P. Jones I find it ironic that Jones is an atheist because all his stories are drench with Godly messages. As a Christian I read and see the spiritual life of Jones hidden in the characters and story lines though out the book. In a recent profile in The Washington Post, Neely Tucker quotes Jones who says, "The people I grew up around, almost all of them had been born and raised in the South. . . And, you know, they didn't always go to church, but they lived their lives as if God were watching everything they did"(Tucker 2009). He may state that he is atheists but his stories speak a different language with God fearing characters. If in the beginning “…there was the Word, and the Word was God…show more content…
Remaining silent against her heart’s desire to apologize, causes frustration and inner conflict. All this in the story “Marie” is lined with Gods messages forgiveness, quotes from the bible and a spirit of knowing you did wrong. (Holy Spirit). “Marie” in the story “lost in the city.” 86-years-old, she lives and survives in a town that is dangerous. Brave and strong, she defends herself from a street thug, and she strikes back when she is treated as a non-human by the clerks at the Social Security office. Not being up to date with times you see the frustration in Marie though out the story. Quite bothered and understandably so, Marie asks the receptionist, “Why have me wait here so long if she whatn't here?” who says, “…I know. I know.” Saying …nothing more…Marie leaves.”(Jones p. 233) Next appointment she approaches Vernelle and reiterates how long she had been waiting Vernelle says, while “…pointing her fingernail… ‘I told you you’ll be waited on as soon as possible. It’s a busy day…go back to your seat until we call your name.’ Another secretary laughs. Marie extends her hand “…across the desk and with all her might slapped Vernelle Wise” (Jones p. 235). Marie fled home and for days afterwards she “…ate very little and asked God to forgive her” (Jones p. 236). If Jones is an atheist why reference God and a God that forgives. That’s not atheist

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