Lost In Summers Love Essay

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Marketing Plan: Over all objectives Marketing objective marketing strategy situation analysis financial plan problems and opportunities research Comm: Identify prospectus consumer motivations advertising execution budget 3 challenges for contemporary marketing: Monitor changes in society develop products compatible with changes develop advertising that build on ideas that customers hold Advertising for diverse publics: Distribution networks Employees Customers Stockholders Community at large Ways to sustain long term profits: Having a market niche Emphasizing profits over sales volume Emphasizing short term market share over profits Customer tracking What affect role of advertising corporate preference for various segments of marketing so communications channels High sales volumes tends to spend less on adv as percent of sales Industries with high competition Industries with high competition and little differentiation Reversing sales Why is b2b advertising different? involves many people involves vast amounts of money impulse buying is rare often bought by precise tech specifications Types of advertising: Trade advertising - gain trade support, gain add distribution, consumer promotions Professional advertising Industrial advertising Corporate or institutional advertising-est public identity, explain mission, boost image, associate companies brands with some distinctive corporate character idea advertising service advertising-feature tangibles, feature employees, stress quality Spiral questions: in which stage is the product should i use pioneering? should i use competitive are we just coasting in retentive stage \ BAV Distribution relevance esteem knowledge Brand equity &marketing communications strategy brand

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