The lost colony of roanoke

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The Lost Colony of Roanoke The land of Roanoke was a promise to the people of England. The land was rich and located right off the coast. This meant for easy access and travel. It is the perfect opportunity for the people of England to escape their land. The people of England could escape the war, Puritan Reformation, and the growing population. This is a great idea until the colony suddenly disappeared. There is no evidence to what happened to the colony to this day. Although there are many theories none stand solid enough to explain this phenomenon. The coast of the “Newfoundland” was the first area in the Americas in which the English men tried to colonize. The English attempted to find unknown treasures in the land. In the “Newfoundland” colonization would easily be possible through the abundance of natural resources, supplies, and minerals. Sir Walter Raleigh, inspired by his half brother Sir Humphrey Gilbert attempt to colonize, believed that he could in the “Newfoundland”. Raleigh believed he could colonize in the land by trying again in a warmer climate in which the English men could handle. Raleigh tried several times to colonize in the area of Virginia but failing miserably each attempt. With each failed attempt, the English Empire lost more respect the shadow of Spanish grew greater over them. The colony in which Raleigh was trying to colonize, known as “Roanoke” mysteriously disappeared on the final try and to this day, no one knows what happened. There have been many explanations with why Roanoke disappeared such as disease, hurricanes, or the Native Americans killed them. Roanoke caused future colonization to be taken more serious. This was the harsh reality of coming to a new land a not being familiar with any of the surroundings and how to react in the time of need. This incident was taken for a lesson for all the future colonists to come to
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