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When this question’s been has over several times again, it starts to leave people wondering is the family structure really as important as most western countries view it. Now in the modern time most nuclear families are probably having it the hardest out of any family orientation in our nations. But then again in the other category which shows in the “Canada’s changing family article” in Canada at this point it has more common-law families, more childless couples, and we can also argue that these childless couple are a family. A childless couple living together also do count as a family since they’d still live together and the man and woman do need each other’s help in some way to make it through this society now where everything is harder since the shift of the ancient structure. So is family important in this modern time? Indeed family is more important now then it was back then. At this point most families have drawn apart from each other because of the society that we live in and the way the society works has a big factor in the importance of a family. nuclear families now a days have problems with the little time offered to spend with family members since everyone in a family now has a role to do, in other case the mother and father both having to commit to their jobs so they can financially while the little son or daughter has to attend school. In our society now it takes about a total of 76 hours a week and since there are 52 weeks in a year, to support a family a person will have to work about 48 of those weeks to support a family, taking away the holidays offered. Fathers and mothers aren’t the only ones spending time away from the family also, from the start since little jimmy was old enough for day care he also spends time away from the family, etc at day cares or when he’s enrolled into the school system. Unlike ancient days now a

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