Lost Again Essay

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For yet another time that week, I was standing in my kitchen completely dumbfounded as to where my keys could be. I had been searching for them for 15 minutes and was running late for work. I have an alarm keychain that will sound if I press an activator button while standing within 60 feet, but ironically I had managed to misplace the activator as well. I collapsed into a chair in frustrated defeat. I have always had an inclination towards forgetfulness. I remember being five years old and forgetting my carry-on-bag, of my then most prized possessions, in an airport terminal on vacation. Ever since then I have been plagued by vanishing shopping bags, misplaced cash, and lost phones. I don’t exactly know the reason why I lose things so easily. I set things down and then get distracted and never pick them back up. Often times I will even remember the exact place that I set an item down, but by the time I go back to get it, it is gone. I have left countless items in dressing rooms or at restaurant tables, only for them to be gone when I go to retrieve them. I slammed the front door and tiredly walked into the house, hot and sweaty after the long walks to and from work. When I reached the kitchen I looked over at the counter, and saw my keys in the bowl where my family normally puts their keys. I remembered that I had put them there the night before in an effort to keep track of things, but that morning I had not expected that they could possibly be somewhere so…rational. I turned to look in my bag for my phone, so I could text my mom to let her know that I had found my keys, but after rummaging through the pockets for a few minutes I realized that I had left my phone on a table at

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