Loss of Senses Essay

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Seeing, hearing, touch, smell, taste, is our five senses. I honestly can't answer this question by choosing a sense I could handle losing. The idea of selecting one of the senses I'd be willing to do without feels like I'm jinxing myself somehow. We never really appreciate the fact of having all of our senses. What would happen if one day I woke up and discovered that I couldn’t see when I opened my eyes, or that I can’t feel the heat of the sun, hear the sound of the bird’s chirping or enjoy the taste and smell of my morning coffee? We could ask ourselves which one is the most important sense and which one is the less important. I guess I can say that for me the most important sense is the sight. If I was to lose my sight, I would be completely devastated, not being able to see the sparkle in my son’s eyes and his beautiful smile every day. I wouldn’t be able to watch my son perform at his Marital Arts training and watch him sink a basket at his Basketball games. Everything about my son is my life and I could not handle, not being able to see or watch him every day as he grows up. Too often people become content about their senses, that they take them for granted. They no longer notice the smell of flowers, the beautiful colors around them, the pleasant sounds of nature, the smell and taste of great food, the pleasure of feeling cool morning air or the warmth of a spring night, or touching the soft skin of our children. Losing a sense or being deprived of communicating with the outside world can be devastating to a person. We should appreciate what we have, especially if all our senses are working
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