Loss Of Love In Sonny Blues, And Marigolds

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“To gain that which is worth having,it my be necessary to lose everything else” said by Bernadette Devlin means that many people may have to sacrifice the unimportant things in life to gain the things they deem truly important to them.There are many works of literature that demonstrate this such as William Shakespeare's “Romeo and Juliet”,“Sonny Blues” by James Baldwin and "Marigolds" by Eugenia Collier.In these works literature the main charaters learn that they may have to sacrfice things that may be important to obtin what is truly valuable. In the story of “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespere, the star crossed lovers, they both died for what they both thought was worth having.They were both willing to lose the love of there famlies for the love they had for each other.In the end they felt true love is worth more than life it self and life without your other half is not worth living. Family feud is what cause the entire set of tragic events, it qshows that the the fight for power is going to ultimately lead to destruction.The Montague family lost a son and the capulet a daughter, and it took the death of the two children to show the families there mistake. Both families had to lose a child to gain the…show more content…
The narrator and Sonny are constantly struggling to break free from one barrier or another. Sonny is physically in jail because of his addiction to drugs and the narrator is stuck in the housing projects in Harlem that he hates.The narrator is also trapped within himself, not able to express his emotions or live up to his requirement as a brother.The narrator never writes to his brother in jail until his young daughter, Grace, dies. They are both able to stay in constant communication. The death of the narrator daughter is what gave him the motivation he needed to change and become the brother Sonny required him to be and get what he really needed which was to reconnect with

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