Loss Of Innocence In Romeo And Juliet

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Did you ever try finding an extra fifth leg on a cat? Some say if you look hard enough you would probably end up finding it. Fate is nothing more than a terribly misinterpreted coincidences of seemingly related events because human emotions are the ones who inconspicuously influence one’s perception and memories of all the major events of one’s life. Draining all the human feelings out of Romeo and Juliet’s drama, there is nothing more seemingly absurd event than the death of two overly spoiled teenagers whose life was not difficult at all, realistically speaking. As the true father of the English literature, Shakespeare, takes oneself into an emotional, dramatic journey through many of his playwrights. Romeo and Juliet are not an exception, by being adapted and re-developed in many different languages and contexts. Notwithstanding, one sees…show more content…
They may reason that it was “love at first sight” but seeking the pleasure of relentless hunting for ‘young, unrequited love’ and incorporating the adrenaline of rebellion can distinguish that many of the decisions made by Romeo and Juliet could be caused by the level of their maturity and the basis of their contradicting personalities. One literary criticism signified that, “Such widely shared sentiments encourage us to reward the play more as lyric triumph than tragedy and, unfortunately, fail to do justice to its psychological and cultural complexity. Rather than presenting us with an uplifting "marriage of two minds" and mutual self-sacrifice, as these readings imply, Romeo and Juliet illustrate radically different perceptions toward each other and the world, differences that become more evident to us as the play goes on, particularly as we note the disparity between their dying speeches.” (McKim) Another Literary Criticism supporting the concept of

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