Loss Of Innocence In Iraq Essay

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Iraq took away our innocence!” Interview with Spc. Douglas Barber- OIF Vet suffering from PTSD 12/03/05 Interview conducted by Jay Shaft, Editor and Lead Investigative Reporter for Coalition For Free Thought In Media INTRODUCTION: When we left America we were so much, uh, we were innocent, you know? I would say Iraq took away our innocence as far as what we seen, what we went through. What we had to do and the things that we were prepared to have to do in order to maintain our security and our level of protection, uh, force protection with our unit. I would like to introduce…show more content…
Take a look for yourself what is really going on when a soldier comes back home wounded and broken. It should be the duty of every American to see firsthand what this war has done to our troops. The true cost of this war on the returning soldiers must be experienced on a first hand basis to truly comprehend the grim and terrible reality. I can promise that if you go to one of the VA hospitals, your whole outlook and perspective will be forever changed. The sight of the suffering combined with overwhelming desire to recover and move on is something that is truly overpowering. I can guarantee the sights and sounds from a visit to a ward with seriously injured soldiers will leave you speechless with the over whelming reality of the scenes that the public does not ever see. EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a transcript of an hour-long interview and two 25-minute follow up interviews. The audio will be available in the next few days on several web sites. This interview is very long, but the reality and starkness of it could not be edited just to fit in to a smaller, more easily read article. I felt the entire interview must be available, even if it takes two or three reads to get all the way

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