Loss of Individuality Essay

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When people lose all important feelings of individuality, they forget about their potential as a human being. They lose sight of their passions and fall short of realizing their true calling in life. This dismemberment of the individual and slicing of dream is what is playing our society today. The government pushed us down into a place where they wanted us to be. We think that we are free, but government thinks differently. They censor everything, from the social media, and even from individuals. They know that we are too busy updating our statuses, complainig about the cold weather, or checking to see how many “likes” we got on our latest selfies. Everyone thinks they can become popular based on looks or how well they compose a tweet. To me, this latest attraction to internet popularity is a prime example of people who are struggling to find their own individuality again. But social media doesn't help anyone acquire this. It only makes it harder to find. The power of media on our lives is immense, it is not only a source of entertainment but it helps in making us form our opinions on major issues of social importance. We are controlled in every aspect by what we see, and what we buy. TV shows are commonplace, and commercials are as important as the show content. Television shrinks the world introducing celebrity fame and furthering the loss identity. Everyone should pay attention what is being taken away from us. Because when it's gone we won't care about how many likes we got. While we sit, not paying attention to what is happening in our world, those in power are stripping away everything that we now take for granted: our individuality. Everyone has something that makes them unique and special. We should try not to lose

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