loss of innocence in as she grows and a separate peace

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The Comparative essay Innocence is a stage regarding a person’s behavior towards life which is manifest in the novels, “A Separate Peace” by John Knowles and “As She Grows” by Lesley Anne Cowan. In both novels, the adolescent characters deal with loss of innocence through Envying, impulsive actions, and final consequences which wrecks their happy life. In novels “As she grows” and “A separate peace”, both characters Gene and Snow experience the jealousy in their friendships but in a different way. Snow is envy of Carla in a curios way. When Carla gives the news of her leaving Snow and the city she leaves in because she is going to her dad forever. Snow thinks, “It bothers me because everything to roll of Carla, and nothing seems to penetrate her” (pg. 18). Snow is jealous that Carla is happy about her parents splitting; and her life is unhappy without her parents. She is also envy about it because there’s problem going on in Carla’s life, but she doesn’t care and Snow’s life is upside down which really bothers her. Another incident of jealousy can be seen when Carla is going away and meets Snow for the last time. Snow thinks, “I watch her mouth move and wonder how she can be so vacant in her own life. And I wonder why I can’t be the same” (pg 48). Since, Carla has nothing really special in her life but she is all cheerful and that is how Snow wants to be. Moreover, when Finny was dressing up for Devon’s little Upper Middle class party. Gene thought “I was beginning to see that Phineas could get away with anything. I couldn’t help envying him that a little, which was perfectly normal” (pg. 25). Gene was jealous that Phineas never got in trouble, always get away with things. He was jealous of Phineas talent. Also envy can be seen when, Gene is describing about envy that he was living with. He stated, “People experienced this fearful shock somewhere, this

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