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Trending today is the "Fight Against Obesity" and a fight against unhealthy lifestyles that lead to obesity. People are forever unhappy with their body image, and are always looking for a shortcut to reach that perfect body image. Media is one of the reasons for people's low self esteem and their struggle to loose weight. The fear of gaining weight is a nightmare that most people run from. The reason for this is because when they are at the body image that they are most happy with, they pity and shame others for not being able to stick to a proper exercise and diet, or are not able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The idea of someone looking at them and thinking the same is not acceptable. Losing weight is a long journey for some, and can be acheived by the person involved doing certain changes to their lifestyle. These changes include, a series of actions only the person involved can do. But first it needs conviction, patience, and fortitude. These changes include a self motivation, a simple diet plan, and exercise. First and foremost is self motivation. Without it the person would not have the fortitude to stick to the program he/she has developed. To do this, you can do a secret celebration for when he/she had been felling weak and overcame that weekness. Another way would be to put sticky notes that motivate around the area of living, or at work. The simplest type of motivation would be from people surrounding him/her such as a compliment. Other people's compliments are like ambrosia for those who are struggling to lose weight. Second following a healthy diet makes a huge difference. A common misunderstanding that people have is that a diet means eating less or eating less frequently. Following a healthy diet means just that. Eating a home cooked balanced meal is the second step to improving their well being. Planning meals and snacks ahead of time is

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