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Throughout growing up I was always known as a “big boned” kid, which effectively convinced me that my bones were in fact larger than others’ and that I did not have a weight problem. Using this simple reasoning as a defense, my weight continued to climb as my self esteem continued to fall. Sadly, this happened for many years until I finally realized that my prophecy was doomed from the get go. I’m not sure when exactly I realized this; probably years ago, although admitting defeat seemed to be another issue. Entering my sophomore year with a height of 5’3” and weighing in at 220 pounds, I was depressed, anti-social, and stuck in a hole; finally, I decided that I needed to do something about it, something drastic. A person having trouble with their weight needs to be ready to fully commit to making big changes in their life, if they plan on being successful. People do not become unhealthy overnight, it is most often times compounded over years of not taking care of their body. This is where a lot of people set themselves up for failure, where they believe that just by doing the “right things” for a short amount of time, that it will reverse all the damage that has been done over the years; although, it will take less time to reverse the damage than it took to inflict it in the first place. The foundation of a healthy body is a healthy diet, it shall be the very first thing that one should asses when he feels it is time to get serious about health. Though, eating a healthy diet does not have to be a painful and complex process; in fact, simplicity is often found to be the key to success. Despite the fact, many diet plans that are available today involve strict limitations of certain foods and tend to be difficult to maintain for long periods. Experts in dietary psychology such as Paul, Smith, and Segal suggest, “Instead of being overly concerned with

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