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Thesis statement: Losing weight has a lot of benefits for health; there are many ways for those who are trying to lose weight, which can be illustrated through different types of diet programs and through the help of the food pyramid guide I. Introduction II. Benefits of dieting III. Ways to lose weight: A. Tips for cutting fat and calories B. Diet planning 1. Progress planer 2. Diet diary 3. Exercise diary C. Weight-loss products IV. Types of diet programs: A. Do-It-Yourself Weight Loss Programs B. Non-Clinical Weight Loss Programs C. Clinical Weight Loss Programs V. The food pyramids guide: A. Bread, cereal, rice and pasta group B. The vegetable group C. The fruit group D. The milk group E. The protein group F. The fats, oils, and sweets group VI. Conclusion I. Introduction According to The every thing dieting book Healthy body for many years have been an important topic in our live, doctors and other expertise in the health field is advising people to take care of there body and to maintain in a healthy weight, for this reason writing about the importance of dieting and showing the disadvantages of being over weight was one of my biggest interests, the research will show tips of cutting fat and calories, then you will find brief summary of three different types of diet programs.( Sandra Nessberg , 1) The food guide pyramid is a collection of foods that we eat in our daily life that is divided into groups, this pyramid will guide you to the right food and show you the amount of food that you should eat each day , as females we are interested in how we look more than the males for this reason companies have been focusing on

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