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Losing Weight In Today’s Society Losing Weight In Today’s Society In today’s society we are always searching for quick results. Such as dieting and surgery are these choices beneficial to our overall health? We have to decide if quick fixes outweigh the benefits of eating healthy. Food is our energy source, essential nutrients supports our body to function. Dieting Dieting is when you deprive yourself from certain foods to achieve a certain weight. In today’s society it is a multibillion industry. There are shakes, pills and maintaining a low calorie diet. Shakes diets are replacement of meals. When maintaining a shake diet you are only consuming these shakes. The benefit of this diet is it speeds up your weight loss. You don’t have to prepare anything so it is simple and easy when you are on the go.Unfortunately shakes do not have nutritional value. Pills are another supplement to lose weight. They are not effective in losing weight if you don’t have a proper diet and exercise regimen. Some of these pills include stimulants that can speed your heart race, feel dizzy and have anxiety. You can get a heart attack due to these stimulants. Since your body is craving all the toxic food you are use to having you will have these symptoms for a couple days until your body adapts the dieting routine. Losing extensive weight affects your skin, sleep and vitamin deficiency. Low Caloric Diets are eating fewer calories to maintain weight. This tactic is setting yourself for failure; see your metabolism slows down with fewer calories. Initially you will lose weight. Once you reach your goal, you will start to eat normal. You will feel hungry because your mind and body work in sync so you will have to have a strong will. Eating more calories will have you gain all the weight back because your metabolism is running slow. This will lead you to a yo-yo diet. Yo- yo

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