Lose Weight or Die Essay

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“Lose Weight or Die” As I wait in the doctor’s office, looking around at all the bright flowery decorations on the pale yellow walls, I can’t help but wonder why Dr. Lee wants to see me 2 weeks before my 6 week post-op exam. Sitting in the very small black chair, my legs are bouncing up and down with nervousness. My hands are even a little sweaty. I feel as if I’ve been waiting hours and hours for her to come in. The round black and white clock on the wall seems to be moving slower and slower as I watch it. Finally, there’s a light knock on the door, it’s Dr. Lee. She’s a very tall, thin, blue eyed blonde woman that moves gracefully as she walks across the examining room. She sits at the small mahogany desk and looks at me with a sad face. My stomach is really doing flips now awaiting her to tell me why she brought me in 2 weeks early. Her sad face is worrying me. I rise forward in my seat, placing my hands on the opposite side of the desk. She leans over and places her hands on top of mine, and in a soft voice tells me, I am a walking time bomb waiting to explode. I could feel my face drop and all the blood rush to my feet. She proceeds to tell me that if I don’t make life time changes right now, I will be dead in 5 years. After giving birth to my daughter 4 weeks prior, Dr. Lee ran routine blood work as she does all patients after delivery, and discovered my cholesterol levels were through the roof. My total cholesterol was 283, LDL cholesterol was 190, and my HDL cholesterol was 50 and my triglycerides came in at 503. Every one of them at the worst place they could be. To make matters worse, I weighed 300lbs on a 5’5” frame and wore a size 24. I had been overweight my entire life, but never this bad. I left the doctor’s office thinking of everything Dr. Lee had told me. I couldn’t leave my children behind in 5 years. Josh was 5, Nick was 1 and Krissi was 4

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