Lorraine's Coursework Essay

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Understanding Employment Responsibilities and Right’s in Health and Social Care. Learning Outcome 1. Know the statutory responsibilities and rights of employees and employers within own area of work. 1. Aspects of employment covered by law are: - Anti Discrimination (gender, race, disability, religion, age). Working Hour’s. Holiday entitlements Absence, Sickness, and Sick Pay. Data Protection. Health and Safety. Criminal Record’s Bureau Check’s. 2. Main features of current employment legislation are:- Employment Right’s Equalities and Discrimination. Health and Safety. 3. Legislation exists to stop the exploitation of employees by their employer’s. Including: - Minimum wage Safety Standard’s Holiday Entitlement’s Maternity Leave Redundancy Payment’s Discrimination for any reason Maximum Working Hour’s Age Requirement’s. Without legislation there would be no rules. 4. Sources of information and advice available are:- HR Department Line Manager ACAS (Advisory, Consolidation And Arbitration Service) Citizen’s Advice Bureau Community Legal Advice Access to Work

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