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L'Oreal and the Globalization of American Beauty. 1. Company Background Nowadays, L’Oreal is the largest beauty company in the world after established 100 years ago. Currently, it supplies the product to 130 countries with operation offices in 58 different countries. This global company is the number one premium cosmetic product in the world today and has taken the core and beauty of people’s everyday lives. At this time, L’Oreal has over 500 brands and many thousands of individual products sold in all sectors of the beauty business includes hair color, permanents, hair styling, body and skin care, cleansers, makeup and fragrances. The company's products are found in a wide variety of distribution channels, from hair salons and perfumeries to hyper and supermarkets, health and beauty outlets, and also pharmacies. L'Oreal was created by Eugene Schueller in France 1907 and named after his first product L'Aureole, the aim of this French chemist was to create the first synthetic hair-color product ever made and then start selling it within France and some parts of Europe such as Netherlands, Austria and Italy. In 1934 Eugene invented the first mass market of soap less shampoo and this led the success of L’Oreal in the country of Europe which soon recognized them as the leader in body care and hair coloring products. Finally soon after World War II L’Oreal moved into the United States and the company seemed to change progressively by becoming the strongest beauty company in the world. 2. Problem statement Progressively, L'Oreal become the leader in European hair color market and skin care. However, this was not good enough for them, as they wanted to reach new markets as the American, and Asian. L'Oreal wants to global as the local market was saturated. They need new market to expend more their business and products. 3. Case Analysis 3.1

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