L'Oreal Essay

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Case Study: L'Oreal Abstract Due to the development of new technology and huge existing and potential demands in the home market and a global market, companies like L’Oreal needs to identify these value opportunities and develop new products to meet those demands. There are three main parts in this report; in the first place, the author is talking about the importance of developing new products for a company like L’Oreal, in terms of Customers, Competition, Culture and the Product Life Cycle. All of these are key issues to consider when launching new products. As the globalization of markets continues at a rapid pace, L’Oreal has to face the challenge of staying current with the development of new products. Standardization or adaptation is an important issue in globalization. Therefore secondly, the author discuss the degree of standardization and adaptation that L’Oreal needs to follow in relation to the potential risks of launching up to 2,000 products a year into global markets. There are three important issues which will be discussed in this part, Costs and Benefits, Market-Entry Timing, and Marketing Strategy. In addition, in the third part, the author analyse how L’Oreal follows a new product development screening process. The six stages involved in N.P.D will be talked about in this part, especially the Idea Screening process to show how L’Oreal’s new products can offer a clear benefit and prove itself acceptable in use. 1. Importance of developing new products for L’Oreal Driven by consumer demands and with the development of new technology, many companies have to bring some new products to the market, if they want to remain their competitive advantage and sustain the profitable growth. That is why new product development can become the most important business process. In this L’Oreal case, innovation is its driving force, in
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