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The Lord of the Rings The fellowship of the ring Indhold Introduction 3 Cardinal questions 3 Summary of Lord of the rings 3 Analyses of the film 4 Setting 4 Point of view 5 Characters 5 Tension of the Storyline and Time aspect 10 Symbols 11 Motif 12 Theme 12 Evaluation of the message of the film 12 Conclusion 13 Further perspectives 13 Bibliography 15 Introduction The film Lord of the rings is what this report is about. Through it we will go through things like what the film is about, make an analysis of the film and evaluate on the message of the film. Cardinal questions • Summary of Lord of the Rings – the Fellowship of the Ring • Analysis of the film • Evaluation of the message of the film Summary of Lord of the rings The film starts in a hobbit town called The Shire, where the inhabitants are celebrating the 111th birthday of Bilbo Baggins, who at that time has the ring. Later the ring is given to Frodo. The wizard Gandalf warns him to leave The Shire, and together they go to the Elver city of Rivendell. There the fellowship of the ring is established and this fellowship lead by Frodo as the ring keeper leaves for the Mount Doom, deep into the lands of Mordor. To get there they either have to go over the mountain or under the mountain, through the Mines of Moria. They choose the second option. Once they get into the Mines of Moria, they mistakenly awake an army of orc’s. Fighting them they escape the mines. They later meet the elverqueen Galadriel in the forest of Lorien. After leaving, Frodo is being further tested by Boromir. The ring’s power has become too much for him to handle. Frodo avoids him; however they are attacked by orc’s. Boromir is killed and Frodo realizes that he has to continue his quest alone. Even though the determination Frodo has on leaving alone, his friend Sam ends up coming with him. The film ends

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