Lord of the Flies: Why Jack Is a Powerful Leader

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Jack is a Powerful Leader The Lord of the Flies by William Golding is a novel, which its main themes are civilization and the loss of it, maturity and for this case the most important, Leadership. Jack is a powerful leader. Numerous points can support this statement like: Jacks skillful way of manipulating the boys through fear, the determination and natural leadership that he shows to the boys in daily activities and the talent on showing the oppositions flaws. All of the previous points show how Jack is a powerful leader, the obvious leader. Jack is shown to us in the book, right from the beginning, as a character to be afraid of. In the first chapter of the book jack and the choirboys are described as an evil group. Quotes like “Within the haze of the beach something dark was fumbling along. (…) Ralph saw it first (…) the creature stepped from the mirage (…) and they saw that the darkness (…) was a party of boys.” We can see how the word or synonyms for darkness are used numerous times. For a group of young boys stranded on a deserted island we can see how frightening it would be to watch this. As the book develops we can see how Jack becomes a meaner and more aggressive character and his goal to become chief comes clear to the reader. From the first moment Jack and the protagonist Ralph do not cope. Ralph representing democracy and order against Jack, which illustrates tyranny and savagery. At the time for the order boys to choose sides mostly choose the freedom and disorder by joining Jack. With help of different supporters Jack reaches his desired position. Characters like Roger helped to reach his goal by being one of the firsts on “Jack’s Side”, as called by the boys. With his natural sense of sadism and his strength he lured the majority of the boys even from “Ralph’s Side”. One of the most important attributes that Jack had which gained him many of the

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