Lord Of The Flies Vs Apocalypse Now Analysis

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Kameshia Washington Amy Wainwright MWF 1PM The World left up to Men The novel, Lord of the Flies by William Golding and the film Apocalypse Now directed and produced by Francis Ford Coppola are stories of how the human mind when in isolation from normal society can become corrupt and begin to lose touch with reason and rationality. These stories show how boys and men become barbaric when driven for power and how the power of persuasion can affect the most sound of people to forget what their own instincts tell them is right. ".. .human communities, whether they consist of a tribe set in a segment of nature, or of a national empire spanning the territory and the loyalties of a variety of peoples, must attempt to reinforce that sense of identity which promises a meaning for the cycle of life within a world view more real than the certainty of death"…show more content…
There is a naturally good quality about him that is innate, not taught by society. One night while Jack's tribe of hunters is performing a hunting ritual around the fire, Simon has discovered that there really is no beast at all and that the beast simply lives within the boys. "Simon became inarticulate in his efforts to express mankind's essential illness" (Golding, 89). Simon runs out through the jungle to tell the boys; however, the boys are so caught up in the ritual that they think that Simon is the beast and attack him ultimately killing him. Simon is never able to teach the boys that there is no beast. Simon did not kill to survive, rather he died to become the representation of the complete loss of innocence on the island. Simon is a Christ-like figure in that he depicts the goodness that is within mankind and truly becomes this through his death. Through his death, however, he shows how evil is powerful and it can run deep in the human soul as it did in the boys who had killed him. Simon is the sacrifice of the boys' insanity and
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