Lord of the Flies Summary

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William Golding’s tragic novel Lord of the flies is a story about a couple of boys who get stranded on an island. Depending on good or bad choices will determine their survival in a life or death situation. It took place on a remote island near England during World War 2. In Lord of the flies, the symbols the conch and Beelzebub help convey Golding’s beliefs that it takes fear and order to run this world of ours. One of the most significant symbols in Lord of the flies is The Conch that serves as a sign of order and authority. For example, when jack stated who is ever holding the conch is able to speak without any interruptions, only jack could interrupt, “That’s what this shell’s called. I’ll give the conch to the next person to speak. He can hold it when he’s speaking” page (33). This shows that the symbol stands for respect, authority, and order. This is because the boys needed rules on the island so disasters wouldn’t emerge between them. Furthermore, they used the conch to call everybody for a meetings by blowing into it. This shows that the conch really does represent order, to the boys it almost symbolizes their parents. This is because it keeps them calm and cool, as long as they have the conch they will be in order and under control. In addition, they don’t want everybody talking at once as said “we’ll have to have ‘hands up’ like at school.” Page (33). I think it’s great they established rules and using their minds to claim the conch as their symbol of order. Golding also includes Beelzebub in order to show that the darkness is in everyone’s heart. For example, he talks to Simon and predicts that the boys will kill him later. This shows that Beelzebub wants to mess up the boy’s mental thinking, so they can become savages. This is because it represents that we all have an inner demon, even the kindest people we know can be heartless. Furthermore, piggy
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