Lord of the Flies Speech

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Lord of the Flies Speech Justice can be quite simply defined as ‘upholding what is reasonable and fair’, but who’s perception of balance and order characterizes what is right and what is wrong? This theme is thoroughly explored by William Golding in the book; ‘Lord of the Flies’, and is well executed; consisting of various language techniques including 3rd person narration, amazing imagery and symbolism. William Golding uses ‘The Lord of the Flies’ to demonstrate and capture the idea that as humans; even though we possess a conscience, we still retain instinct, which although necessary for self preservation, and sheer survival, becomes truly dominant over any reasoning in the absence of justice in society. To prove this, Golding takes a specimen of mankind, as children; supposedly the most innocent state, and tests them and their will power in the absence of society, and justice, allowing them to redefine what is ‘just’ while on the island as well as finding and bringing out the true primal nature existent in everyone. To illustrate and provide sufficient proof of his ideal, Golding presents the novel through 3rd person allowing him to control what we see and how we should interpret it; reinforcing the point he is trying to communicate. Probably the most significant and most relevant symbol used by Golding, is the enigma of the ‘Beast’. Although many of the boys on the island believe in the existence of ‘the beast,’ it is not a real creature that can be hunted and killed, rather it is present inside their hearts and personalities, and always has been. But only Piggy and Simon are civil and wise enough to realize that and they constantly voice that truth throughout the novel. For instance when Simon says “What if there is a beast…Maybe it’s only us.” However, both boys are ignored and both end up killed by the beast that exists within the savages.
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