Lord of the Flies - Simon

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What is Simon Like? Can a person be truly good? Well, in William Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies he portrays a character of such qualities. Lord of the Flies is a book about a group of adolescent boys that crash land on a deserted island while escaping a war stricken country. One of the main static characters goes by the name of Simon. He is a quiet, knowledgeable, dark haired, skinny boy. Overall, Simon is a truly good character that can be thought of as Jesus Christ. Golding shows the reader this in the novel by Simon’s dialogue, actions, and his death. First of all, Golding expresses Simon as Christ like figure by the dialogue he uses. In the beginning, Golding shows Simon as highly intelligent and prophetic. When Ralph, the leader of the boys, begins to freak out, yet Simon already know what has occurred. ‘“Smoke! Smoke!’ … ‘Ralph – where’s the ship”’ (Golding 66). This is when Ralph freaks out because he sees a ship, yet the fire has gone out on the top of the mountain. Ralph yells because he knows they have lost hope of getting rescued by the ship. All the boys have no idea what Ralph is talking about, so they just look around in confusion. On the other hand, Simon already knows what has happened. Furthermore, later in the novel Golding uses foreshadowing to express Simon as a psychic. Simon predicts to Ralph ‘“You’ll get back to where you came from”’ (Golding 111). He said this because he somehow already knew that he would not return home, but Ralph would. The reader can see this because Simon says “You’ll” and not “We’ll”. Secondly, Simon’s actions also show him to be a truly good and almost Christ like figure. At one point in the novel Simon reaches up into to the trees to get fruit for the littluns, who are the younger boys on the island. “Here the littluns who had run after him caught up with him… Simon found for them the fruit they could not
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