Lord of the Flies Ralph Essay

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Ralph is a responsible leader, caring for each and every one of the boys in these two chapters. When he was first elected chief in chapter one, he assumes his responsibilities right away. Ralph said " If this is an island, we might be rescued straight away. Everybody must stay round here and wait and not go away. Thee of us- if we ....." From what Ralph said, I learnt that he was trying to deal things in a responsible manner, putting things into order, by first making sure that the place where the boys were in was an island. Ralph probably felt that as a leader, he has the responsibility to take charge of their survival and hence, going on an expedition to find out more about the place. The phrase " if we take more, we'd get all mixed, and lose each other " shows that he holds himself accountable for each and everyone of the boys, again, showing how responsible he is, and taking charge of them as the responsibility of a leader. " And another thing...like at school." Ralph is quick to establish rules, wanting the boys to act in a civilized manner. It is evident that he is responsible here as he once again, acts as a leader to point out the importance of maintaining rules and tries to organize the boys for their survival and rescue. When Piggy points out to Ralph that the boy with the mulberry mark on his face had disappeared, Ralph muttered a reply " as if in shame ". Ralph probably felt that he had failed in taking charge of the boys when he realised that the death of the boy. Ralph realised that the boys' disregard for his authority will result in grim consequences. The fact that he has this realisation shows that he is responsible. He is willing to accept the flaws in his actions and able to reflect on it. If he was not responsible, he will not even care about the life and death of the boy. He was shameful of himself for not being able to take care to the

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