Lord Of The Flies - Ralph

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Golding uses particular themes, such as, religion, nature and the universe and power and authority to put across the idea that although Ralph may have the position of a leader and seem to have the qualities of genuine leadership whilst remaining a figure of authority and society is untrue as he should not be the true leader of the island. The reason for Ralph being chosen as chief is due appealing physical looks, “you could see that he might become a boxer” and his “fair hair” all of which was based on the only reason to appoint Ralph as chief. Even the boys themselves could come with no good reason of why Ralph should become a leader, “there was stillness about Ralph that marked him out; there was his size and his attractive appearance... and there was the conch.” “They obeyed the summons of the conch, partly because Ralph blew is, and he was big enough to be a link with the world of authority,” the boys are under the illusion that Ralph has a link with authority due to his size and physical appearance. The conch is only false authority and can’t control the boys in anyway; it is only listened to because it is blown by Ralph. Throughout the majority of the novel it is obvious to see that Ralph is not the rightful leader, and that Jack should be the leader as he has a strong sense of control over the island but does not have the same agenda when it comes to being rescued as he does not see the importance in the fire, whereas Ralph does, “You let the fire out.” This shows Ralph to understand that to escape from the island the boys need to create a signal fire for other ships. Jack is the apparent rightful leader, but the one that shows the intelligence and is the main reason to why Ralph became chief is Piggy, as from the start he understands the severity of the situation “We may stay here till we die.” Piggy’s intelligence is shown through the

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