Lord Of The Flies - Innocence (No Intro Or Concl.)

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Darkness and savagery show the hopelessness and faults of humanity. In this novel the main climax was the transformation of a 'pack of British boys', into murderous savages. This is a very strong message, that highlights the faults of humanity. In the beginning, when the boys first set the island on fire, a theory was indirectly presented. 'Ralph realised that the boys were falling still and silent, feeling the beginning of awe at the power set free below them. The knowledge and the awe made him savage. "Oh, shut up!"' The meaning behind this simply is that, they feel awe at the fire's uncontrollable and fierce power, something that they had set free. The second sentence, the awe is for the fire, and the knowledge is that he made a mistake; the mixture of the two emotions creates savagery. In this case it is minor, not admitting to his mistakes and using brutal language to silence any disputing voices. But other, more extreme circumstance, further proves this theory. When the boys are dancing their hunting dance on a stormy dark night and chanting '"Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!"'. Simon comes crawling out of the forest, the boys mistake him for the beast and end up beating him to death. The awe is the influence of the primitive dance and chanting and the knowledge is that, the beast is dangerous and must be destroyed; also, it is assumed that all the boys think that the beast is the only thing stopping the island from being good, so once destroyed then there will be nothing to fear and they can live peacefully and happily. Though this seems a silly thought, for there is no beast. The Lord of the Flies confirms, there is a beast, but it is not physical it is something that is part of the boys and can never be destroyed. But then they are right, for if it could be destroyed, they would probably be able to live on the island contently, but still
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