Lord Of The Flies: In Ralph's Defense

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Dane Wagner 10/6/11 In Ralph's defense in the novel, " The Lord Of The Flies" several young boys are trapped on an island with out any supervison or guidence. sounds like the weekend getaway for all kids uh? one this island, the kids are just playing, slacking off and you know, just being kids. Every one is content, except for Ralph. Ralph is a young, cleaver, sympothetic and is the protagonist in this story. He decided that this was not the way the islander should be behaving and should work together to save themselves untill someone comes for help Ralph built huts, finds food, supports the fire and tries to keep balence and order in the island. this was a smart move in my opinion. he tried to rebuild society within the island and work for a good part of the story. he's motivation was to keep everyone safe, and stick threw it till the end. Ralph not only is a hero, but truely the only optimistic person threw out the story. The other children of the island elect him as the leader of the island because of he took control and tried to bring order amunst the others. examples of ralphs attempts to bring order to the island include, the conch shell, piggies glasses, buliding huts, fire, and establishing roles for the other islanders. when the boys first arive on the island, Ralph finds a conch shell that he uses to not only bring order, but to gather everyone that survived together. the conch sell also gave others the power to let other talk and to contribute to the rules of the island. hut's are built to proved selter and safety and a signal fire was forged to get the attention of any passing ships in call for a rescue. Ralph ideas is liked by everyone and

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