Lord Of The Flies - Group Dynamics

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My task is to describe a group I have met in literature or in a film. Well, I could not find a better example than the one we mentioned in class. It is the Lord of the Flies. I have read the novel by William Golding and also seen the movie adaptation, and I have to admit it had a great effect on me. Although it was a very long time ago, I can still recall the plot and the characters live vividly in my memory. One of the major themes of this work is group life. Towards the beginning of the story, two dominant boys emerge from the crowd, Ralph and Jack Merridew, however Ralph, a natural leader, gets voted chief. Storming conflicts between them are present all the way through. Throughout the novel, various group tasks can be indentified. Ralph’s main aim is to keep a signal fire alive so that the nearby ships can notice them. Meanwhile Jack organizes another group whose task is hunting and getting food. The peaceful Simon, besides his other duty to build shelters, feels kind of responsible for the younger boys, so he is a “caretaker”, in fact. “Piggy”, an intellectual, being somewhat chubby becomes an outcast and is often mocked by his fellow kids, especially by the followers, who don’t think for themselves, only do what the dominant characters do. Later on, an outside enemy, the imagined “beast” of the island also appears on the scene. Jack promises to kill the beast getting more and more animalistic, but Ralph’s team still focuses on keeping the fire alive which results in the division of the group. The story ends is a tragedy with two boys dead so the mourning stage of group life becomes rather a relief for the
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