Lord of the Flies Essay

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1Allen Lauren Allen Ms. Jordan A2 December 15, 2014 Literary Themes in Lord of the Flies In How to Read Literature Like a Professor, Thomas C. Foster identifies more than twenty literature motifs. Motifs are themes found in all types of literature, providing richness and depth of meaning. These motifs are prevalent in William Golding’s novel, Lord of the Flies . Three motifs found in this novel are Christ figures, politics, and violence. When readers view Lord of the Flies through the lens of these motifs, the novel becomes much more than a story about some boys who are stuck on an island; their misadventures invite reexamination of the influence and significance of Christ and his teachings, the mechanisms of politics, and the origins of violence. Relating characters to Christ is a common device in writing, according to Foster. The goal of using the motif is to invite readers to move beyond one dimensional views and “deepen [the] … sense of a character” (Foster). Not only does this increase the understanding of Christ, but more importantly this challenges the reader to think in new ways about instructive concepts arising from Christ’s life and ministry, such as peacemaking, quiet meditation, and sacrifice. In Lord of the Flies , the character Simon emulates some of the characteristics one would associate with Christ. Throughout the book, Simon is presented as the peacemaker. He wants to escape the fights and to bring peace. “ Simon grabbed the conch convulsively. ‘I wanted­­to go to a place­­a place I know… just a place I know. A place in the jungle." He escapes and meditates in the 2Allen jungle. “Simon paused. He looked over his shoulder as Jack had done at the close ways behind him and glanced swiftly round to confirm that he was utterly alone” (56). Instead of getting caught up

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