Lord of the Flies - Comparison of Film and Novel

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In the movie "Lord of the Flies," there is an excessive amount of contrasts with the book. The basic plot of the movie begins with the boys ending up on a deserted island after a plane crash. They elect Ralph as the leader of the "tribe" and little by little, the boys settle down. This order made by Ralph angers Jack, the chief hunter, and he rebels with his own tribe. After this, everything goes downhill and they become savages except for Ralph's tribe. After the members of Ralph's tribe get killed, Ralph becomes next in line. At the end, an ironic rescue occurs and the boys become children again. One thing the movie lacks is the boys finding each other when the conch is blown. In the movie the boys come all together on a boat to the island and are familiar with each other. The filmmakers probably did this to show how joined they are in the beginning of the book and civilized. I think that the book's opening is more effective because it shows how Ralph and Piggy already have a connection even before the group comes. Another thing the movie lacks is that the beast is a dead parachuter who gets caught in the trees. In the movie, the beast or "monster" is the crazy pilot who ran away and hid in a cave. They probably used this alternative in the movie because it's more relative to the kids' story. I would pick the movie's "monster" because it shows how they created fear by their lack of responsibility. In the book, the boys who arrive on the island are British and are running away from a nuclear war. In the movie, the boys are American and are running from a war also. I think they chose to make the kids American because that's the creator for the movies' background and is more comfortable with it. The author of the book was British and that's why he probably made the characters British. I think making the kids British is a better choice because they are more proper
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