Lord of the Flies Civil vs Savage

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Civil vs. Savage: Who Wins and Why? When the plane crashed and kids got to the tropical island while they were evacuated from England because of the upcoming war they started setting their own rules for survival. But their rules were not enough to keep control on everyone and that lead the way to aggressive actions which caused kids turn to savage people. We live in heated homes with fresh water and electricity. We come to work by car or mass transit. We live by rules, values, and ideals that keep the peace. Our milieu is organized, convenient and technologically advanced. What would happen if suddenly our civilization disappeared, leaving us with only the things we were wearing, the ideals we were raised with, the things we could find in nature and our instincts? This is exactly what happened to the boys in Lord of the Flies. Ralph, Piggy, Jack and the other stranded students find themselves on a deserted island. When kids got to the deserted island after the plane crashed they had to survive without adult help. In the civilization vs. savagery allegory Ralph is part of civilization. He represents reason and leadership. While on the island it was Ralph who first mustered everyone on the beach. It was there that he was elected chief and he established their society. He runs a democracy where everyone votes on issues and he is willing to take everyone’s opinion into consideration. He believes that as long as they stay civilized they can easily survive, live in harmony, and eventually be rescued. “We’ve got to have rules and obey them,” (42). Ralph insists on having rules on the island and at first Jack agrees with him although his jealousy for Ralph’s power drives him to constantly undermine and disobey Ralph and his requests. By blowing the conch Ralph can call a meeting whenever he likes, to discuss issues and give orders. “‘Ralph sat on a fallen tree

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