Lord Of The Flies Character Analysis

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Munoz 1 William Golding’s Novel, Lord of the Fliesis perhaps one of the greatest books published in the 1900’s. This book portrays Hobbes’ idea that man is inherently evil and unlike Jean Jacques Rousseau who genuinely believed that man is inherently good. The author reveals a plethora of examples on the idea of man’s fallen nature through the inhumane actions between the fellow English boys. Lord of the Fliesis one huge allegory that is very complex and controversial. It is much more than what it appears to be. On the lowest level itis a story about a group of boys stranded on an island struggling against nature. An allegoryis a story or idea that has more than one level of meaning, one of which is symbolic and has a deeper meaning. The allegory presented in this novel is that savagery, blood-thirst, and hunger for power are always in constant battle with intellect, reason, and society. To support his idea of human nature, Golding uses all of the major characters and symbols jointly. The first symbol that is given is Piggy’s glasses “specs”. Piggy’s glasses represent intellect and reason. The glasses are essential when the boys discover that they could start a fire with the glasses through the sunlight. Golding described the fire having an incredible impact on the boys by saying “eyes shining, mouths open, triumphant, they savored the right of domination” (Golding 29). Later on towards the end marks the downfall of society and intellect when they get shattered by Jack and his minions. Jacks knife is also a symbol. His knife symbolizes murder and evil. Having the knife made him feel like he needed to use it and he sought to complete its purpose by killing an animal for food. When he did kill a pig, he was filled immense pleasure and he grew in love with the feeling of killing. Another symbol in
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